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Immigration Consulting

Our Immigration Lawyers undertake advisory work for companies new to business immigration and provide immigration consultancy for in-house Departments, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen.

We provide bespoke services designed especially for HR individuals. We help companies to standardise immigration policies and ensure that they are fully compliant with the latest immigration regulations.

Key Areas

Programme Administration

Our team of Immigration Lawyers can provide assistance for managing your global immigration programme in a targeted and cost-efficient manner. We identify problems and find expeditious solutions, on-site or from our offices.


We ensure that you are in compliance with mandated immigration requirements. We also develop and document your processes so you can maintain full internal immigration compliance.

Policy Formulation

A successful immigration programme thrives on a clear and well-defined immigration policy. We can fine tune your existing policies or develop an entirely new programme, helping you implement efficient processes, define individual responsibilities and incorporate best practices.

Contact our Immigration Lawyers

For further information, please contact our Immigration Lawyers – click here or call us on +44 (0)20 3318 5794.