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Our Global Presence

Hudson McKenzie is well positioned and equipped to manage worldwide and country-specific immigration programmes for its clients.

Our ‘Best-Friends’ Network * enables us to provide clients with global immigration services in over 150 destination countries through our close relationships with leading independent law firms around the world – firms whose values and standards match our own.

We employ the most efficient strategies to facilitate employee mobility; our global practice delivers the highest quality global immigration consultancy services in a cost-effective manner ensuring compliance with the relevant local immigration rules and regulations worldwide.

Our clients praise us for providing them with innovative ideas and strategic solutions when faced with complex challenges.

Areas of Focus 

  • Corporate Immigration Policy development and implementation.
  • Cost-effective strategies for preparing and filing applications for Business Visas, Work Permits for local hires and international assignees, Permanent Residence and Citizenship.
  • Passport and Document services.
  • Immigration Anti-Discrimination Compliance.

Our network* :

Americas Asia-Pacific Europe MEA
Argentina Australia Austria Algeria
Bahamas China Belgium Angola
Brazil Hong Kong Bulgaria Bahrain
Canada India Croatia Burkina Faso
Chile Indonesia Cyprus Egypt
Colombia Iran Czech Ghana
Costa Rica Japan Denmark Israel
Dominica Korea Finland Jordan
Mexico Malaysia France Kenya
United States Myanmar Germany Kuwait
Venezuela New Zealand Greece Libya
Philippines Hungary Malawi
Singapore Iceland Mali
South Korea Ireland Niger
Taiwan Italy Nigeria
Thailand Liechtenstein Oman
Vietnam Luxembourg Qatar
Malta Saudi Arabia
Netherlands South Africa
Norway Tunisia
Poland UAE
Portugal Uganda
Romania Yemen
Russia Zambia
Spain Zimbabwe


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