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Is Digital Services Tax a good idea?

The UK Budget 2018 announced that a ‘Digital Services Tax’ is to be introduced from April 2020 – but will this be practical?

Can Patent Law keep up?

Legal experts warn that Patent Law is likely to fall behind the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in times to come.

Could Science advance the Law?

Could the fundamental principles of science allow for the foundational understanding of Law to adapt to the changing world in times to come?

Will the law of the future reflect the law of the past?

What exactly will be the foundations of the legal sector in times to come?

Cryptocurrency & Law: Is global regulation possible?

How will law adapt towards the new and ever-developing virtual financial system in times to come?

Rights for Robots: How the law could protect A.I. over humans

What would happen if by granting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) a ‘legal person’ status, the law eventually took sides with an artificial creation over a human being?

UKVI Update: ‘RIPA’ Code of practice

The Home Office has recently updated the code of practices for the ‘Investigation of Protected Electronic Information’, following from the recent ‘RIPA’ (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, 2000).

The future of LawTech; can Artificial Intelligence increase justice?

With A.I. on the rise within the legal sector, could the merging of different sectors through algorithms increase the application of justice worldwide?

How far is the internet colliding with the law?

With innovation, comes the need for new adaptation. Law must continually adapt with the inventions and development of mankind to keep order, withhold ethics or resolve conflict.

Algorithms, Human Rights & the Law – What’s next?

Is it plausible to suggest that Human Rights can really be issued by a lifeless machine?

The Internet as a Human Right?

How far are an individual’s Human Rights affected in regards to the legal understanding of the internet?

The Intellectual Property Pi – can national and universal laws combine?

To what extent can legislation enacted by the nation state have precedence over universal laws, such as those found within mathematics?

Legal Robots: the end of the law?

Will the inevitable merging of artificial intelligence and the legal sector lead to the end of law as we know it?

GDPR update: new guidance website

The EC has recently released a new website that is aimed at providing further guidance to the upcoming GDPR changes.

How much will the change in GDPR affect IP law?

As Intellectual Property Law (IP) rapidly advances, how much will the change to GDPR this year effect the impact of IP upon businesses?