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UK’s new Temporary Seasonal Worker visa

On 1st December 2020, the Home Office officially introduced a new visa category: Temporary Worker- Seasonal Worker visa, also known as a Tier 5 visa. Due to the fact that most of the UK’s horticulture and agriculture industry largely consists of a foreign labour force, this is a means of combatting seasonal worker shortages whilst

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New Tier 2 Immigration System goes live tomorrow

Transitional arrangements The new points-based system goes live on 1 December 2020, in preparation of this the UK Home Office has announced transitional arrangementsfor assigning Tier 2 General and ICT certificates of sponsorship. Majority of employers will be affected by this; we have outlined below the arrangements which have been put in place. Tier 2

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Social Media’s tyranny on your Freedom of Speech

On Tuesday 17th November 2020, tech giant Facebook was disgraced by Senator Josh Hawley during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook employees have been, technically speaking, found guilty of invading the privacy of its users and even those who do not have Facebook. Secondly, the extent of communication on the issue

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Calling all Sponsor Licence holders

Under the new points-based immigration system, UK companies must obtain a sponsor licence to recruit migrant workers from overseas to come and work for them in the UK from January 2021. From 27November 2020, the Home Office has scheduled a list of changes that will affect a company’s sponsor licence. Although most of these changes

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Priority sponsor licence service- at what cost?

On 12th November 2020, a priority service version of the Sponsor Licence Scheme was introduced for companies wishing to recruit migrant worker from overseas. Obtaining a sponsor licence from the Home Office is now a mandatory requirement for businesses to hire workers abroad to come and work here in the UK. This revised scheme will

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UK Visas update

Whilst we are still locked down in the name of a global pandemic, it is important that visa applicants remain updated with the latest changes/updates to all aspects surrounding visa applications. These updates were released on 13th November 2020. UKVCAS points and Service Points Whilst the UK is in a national lockdown, certain essential services

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Hong Kong and Singapore overcome travel restrictions

According to the aviation authorities in Singapore, the ‘Air Travel Bubble’ (ATB) will be introduced from 22nd November 2020.  The ATB is a concept co-created by Hong Kong and Singapore which will permit residents in these Asian countries to travel from Singapore to Hong Kong and vice versa. This type of travel will not subject

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Singapore embraces Foreign Tech professionals

Along the lines of UK’s new points-based immigration system being launched in 2021, Singapore has chosen to introduce a new Work Pass for certain professionals in order to attract crème de la crème of foreign workforce. This route has been launched to magnetise specialist and ‘experts in their fields’ foreign professionals who work in sectors

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UK outlaws travel from Denmark

Following from the latest news of a surge of COVID-19 cases across multiple mink farms in Denmark, the UK government has responded quickly to prevent this spread from entering the UK. Government officials have chosen to act with optimum efficiency after the latest developments revealed that the outbreak of coronavirus amongst these mink farms are

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COVID-19 support for UK migrants

For migrants living in the UK, the UK government has vowed to give these migrants support if they are ineligible to reside permanently in the UK. This support can be in the forms of access to public funds, medical treatment and so forth. Access to public funding Migrants may be able to access public funds

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Immigration Health Surcharge Increase

On 27th October 2020, the Home Office officially increased the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). This fee is paid by overseas nationals who enter the UK for work, study or for the purposes of re-joining family members so they can have access to our public health service, the NHS. Upon payment of this charge, these individuals

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The UK succumbs to a second national lockdown

Despite the UK government’s best attempts to control the spread of the virus through its regional COVID-19-tiered system, this system has been scrapped in favour of a second national lockdown. This follows from a surge of second national lockdowns occurring across the globe, including Israel, France, and Germany. This will take place from Thursday 5th

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UK’s furlough scheme extended until March 2021

At the beginning of the UK’s national lockdown triggered by the pandemic, the UK government launched a scheme in attempt to keep the economy afloat, prevent mass job losses and support businesses that could not afford to operate. This is commonly known as the ‘furlough scheme’ and has been utilised by approximately 95% of UK

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EU update: Second national lockdowns

October 29, 2020 | COVID-19, Latest Thinking, News

COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly across European countries, particularly France and Germany. Both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, Prime Ministers of Germany and France have just recently taken the executive decision to put these two large economies into a second lockdown albeit to varying degrees. These will take place from Friday 30th October in France

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UK lawyers partake in a loud clamour

October 29, 2020 | Latest Thinking, News, UK Government

Many UK qualified lawyers who legally represent migrant asylum seekers have demanded for a genuine apology from the Home Office, namely Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is in the form of a letter which condemns the discriminatory and unwarranted labelling of these legal professionals, such as “human activists” and “lefty-lawyers”. More than

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