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The return of the sponsor licence inspection visits?

The Home Office may conduct sponsor licence inspection visits on work premises in instances where an application for a first sponsor licence is made or when a sponsor licence is being renewed. During the pandemic, many employers have put most of their focus into actually keeping afloat with many employees being furloughed. The UK government

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Philippine Alien Employment Permit changes

For those who intend to work in the Philippines, an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) must be obtained from the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE). There are some changes to the Alien Employment Permit which are expected to be introduced on 5 May 2021.  AEP changes include the following: At least 15 days before an

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Benefits of the new Graduate visa route

From 1st July 2021, a new Graduate route will be introduced which was outlined in the most recent March 2021 statement of changes issued by the UK government.  This visa is open to those international students in the UK who wish to work following successful completion of an eligible course either at UK bachelor’s degree

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When does a company need a skilled worker licence?

For those employers who do not believe that their business needs can be met by employing solely within the UK labour market, then you may want to consider applying for a skilled worker licence, otherwise known as a sponsor licence.  Now that free movement between the UK and EU has ended, EU nationals who wish

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Right to work changes

As of 17th May 2021, right to work checks can no longer be made by checking digital documents or scanned copies of documents online. This means that employers must be in possession of the original documents required to show a person’s right to work in the UK. Employers have a responsibility to carry out right

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Digital nomad visa requirements

In a previous post, we explained how digital nomad visas are becoming more popular among countries. Countries around the world are trying to encourage people to travel in order to boost economies after the pandemic. A digital nomad visa allows those who want to travel and work remotely to do so legally.  Many of the

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Canada introduces new route to permanent residency

April 20, 2021 | Immigration, News

Canada is setting up a new route to permanent residency for temporary workers and international graduates on 6th May 2021. The Canadian government is introducing this for those individuals who are essential to helping the country overcome the pandemic. Eligible essential workers such as health care professionals and relevant graduates will benefit from this. Permanent

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Digital nomad visas on the rise for those travelling whilst working

With many now working from home due to the pandemic, office working seems something of the past and remote working the future. This means that in theory, many people could actually work anywhere in the world that they desire, if it is suitable for their job. Subsequently, many countries have adapted their immigration laws to

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How do you apply for the Innovator visa?

April 14, 2021 | Business, Immigration, UK Government

You can make an application for the innovator visa if you want to set up and run a business in the UK which is innovative and different from anything else on the market. Your business idea must be endorsed by an endorsing body and the Home Office has provided a list of specific bodies who

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How has Covid changed immigration globally?

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, the world as we know it has changed. With travel being restricted, countries in and out of lockdowns and remote working being the new normal, global immigration has also been affected.  Changes to immigration routes around the world As a result of the pandemic, countries around the world have

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What is the UK Start-up visa?

The Start-up visa is for those wanting to come to the UK as an entrepreneur and wanting to set up an innovative business. To be eligible for this visa, you must have an original idea which is different from anything on the market currently and should have potential to grow. To be able to apply

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Domestic worker visas

April 1, 2021 | Immigration, UK Government

A domestic worker can apply to visit the UK with their employer where they have worked with the employer for at least a year. This can include cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks, nannies and those providing personal care to the employer. This visa is meant for those who will be working whilst their employer is in the

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Why do companies need to know about immigration compliance?

As the UK government is making more restrictive approaches to immigration compliance, it is important that both employers and migrant employees adhere to the immigration rules.  There are a number of ways that companies who hire migrant workers must be compliant and it starts off by understanding their role as a sponsor. In order for

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How will Brexit affect right to work checks for EEA nationals?

March 24, 2021 | Business, Employment, Immigration

Employers have a responsibility to carry out right to work checks on employees to ensure that they have immigration permission to work in the UK to prevent illegal working. With Brexit and the end of free movement of persons, what should employers do now? Right to work checks post Brexit The majority of EU nationals

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Genuine vacancy requirement changes for sponsor licence holders

The UK Home Office have updated their guidance on advertising and genuine vacancy requirements for employers of migrant workers.  For some working visa routes, sponsors must show that they have carried out a resident labour market test before employing a migrant worker to demonstrate that they cannot find a suitable settled worker for the role.

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