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How will Brexit impact ‘Geo-Blocking’?

Last year, the EU introduced a new Geo-Blocking regulation regarding online e-commerce – so how will Brexit effect its implementation?

What is the ePrivacy Regulation?

The EU ePrivacy Regulation is the most recent data regulation to be proposed by the EU – so what exactly is it?

Should you consider Arbitration?

Clients undergoing a dispute may be advised to seek Arbitration as a form of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR) – but is this a good alternative?

EU Competition Law Update: Major Financial Service Fined

The EU has recently fined a Major Financial Service over the breaching of Antitrust laws.

Is Digital Services Tax a good idea?

The UK Budget 2018 announced that a ‘Digital Services Tax’ is to be introduced from April 2020 – but will this be practical?

What is a ‘Convertible Loan Note’?

Many start-up companies (SME) seek for ‘Convertible Loan Notes’ (CLN) under the legal assistance of an assigned lawyer, however what exactly is this?

Historical Fraud Trial begins

A historical fraud trial begins this week involving four senior bankers at Barclays, including the former CEO – John Varley.

New ‘Geo-Blocking’ Regulation to come into effect

From 3rd December 2018, all businesses within the EU must comply with the EU Geo-Blocking Regulation.

What is a ‘Duty of Candour’?

Lawyers were recently reminded that a ‘duty of candour’ within litigation is of ‘paramount importance’ – so what exactly is this duty?

New ‘ROE Bill’ draft published

September 10, 2018 | Company/Commercial, Latest Thinking, News

Following from the recent public outcry regarding the lack of ‘transparency’ in the UK property market, a new ‘ROE Bill’ draft has now been published.

How ‘green’ is the legal sector?

How far do law firms go to demonstrate that they are consciously proactive in ensuring environmental sustainability?

GDPR update: new guidance website

The EC has recently released a new website that is aimed at providing further guidance to the upcoming GDPR changes.

How does insolvency impact employment rights?

Many large companies can be at risk of becoming insolvent – so what happens to an employees rights if this happens and what measures should be put in place?

The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – How far is it maintained?

As globalisation increases, so does the pressure to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to a high level within all corporate sectors – especially within the legal profession.

New Data Protection Bill – Are you prepared?

The European Union is set to issue and enforce a ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR) on 25th May 2018, in which the current British legislation has been amended, in order to comply with this. MP Matt Hancock released a ‘Statement of Intent’ on Monday 7th August 2017, regarding a ‘new data protection bill’ to be

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