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Hudson McKenzie listed in UK Investment Support Directory

We are delighted to be listed in the UK Investment Support Directory which has been launched yesterday. The Directory is a smart, new digital tool which promotes private sector expertise in the UK to investors across the globe. To coincide with this launch, the Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart stated- Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart

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Use of NDA’s face extinction in workplace

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are being tackled by the UK government given their infamous status to act as a ‘gagging’ clause to employees nationwide.

What are the new legal implementations for 2019?

There are numerous new laws and rules that shall come into effect this year – so what exactly are they?

UK Government urged to increase AML checks

The Treasury Committee recently reported that the necessity for the accuracy of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checking is vital.

Brexit & the Environmental blunder

To what extent will Brexit also impact the world on a more global scale, for instance the environment?

What is prohibited in UK/EU Competition Law?

All businesses within both the UK and EU should be aware of exactly what constitutes ‘Anti-Competitive’ behaviour, so to avoid legal action against them.

How will Brexit impact ‘Geo-Blocking’?

Last year, the EU introduced a new Geo-Blocking regulation regarding online e-commerce – so how will Brexit effect its implementation?

What is the ePrivacy Regulation?

The EU ePrivacy Regulation is the most recent data regulation to be proposed by the EU – so what exactly is it?

Should you consider Arbitration?

Clients undergoing a dispute may be advised to seek Arbitration as a form of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR) – but is this a good alternative?

EU Competition Law Update: Major Financial Service Fined

The EU has recently fined a Major Financial Service over the breaching of Antitrust laws.

Is Digital Services Tax a good idea?

The UK Budget 2018 announced that a ‘Digital Services Tax’ is to be introduced from April 2020 – but will this be practical?

What is a ‘Convertible Loan Note’?

Many start-up companies (SME) seek for ‘Convertible Loan Notes’ (CLN) under the legal assistance of an assigned lawyer, however what exactly is this?

Historical Fraud Trial begins

A historical fraud trial begins this week involving four senior bankers at Barclays, including the former CEO – John Varley.

New ‘Geo-Blocking’ Regulation to come into effect

From 3rd December 2018, all businesses within the EU must comply with the EU Geo-Blocking Regulation.

What is a ‘Duty of Candour’?

Lawyers were recently reminded that a ‘duty of candour’ within litigation is of ‘paramount importance’ – so what exactly is this duty?