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COVID-19 Creates the First Ever Virtual Commercial Court Trial

Because of the detrimental effects of the coronavirus pandemic on all aspects of daily life, individuals and the UK justice system are suffering. This through major delays in court proceedings and the face-to-face delivery of legal advice due to travel restrictions and social distancing measures. On 19th March 2020, it was ruled that the trial

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Shareholders’ Disputes

It is not uncommon to see shareholder disputes arising during the course of a business. Several factors can be attributed to such disputes, the most common ones being underperformance by shareholders or  who are no longer working towards best interests of the business, difference of opinion with management, conflicts of interest, dividend distribution, breach of

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Hudson McKenzie listed in UK Investment Support Directory

We are delighted to be listed in the UK Investment Support Directory which has been launched yesterday. The Directory is a smart, new digital tool which promotes private sector expertise in the UK to investors across the globe. To coincide with this launch, the Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart stated- Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart

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Use of NDA’s face extinction in workplace

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are being tackled by the UK government given their infamous status to act as a ‘gagging’ clause to employees nationwide.

What are the new legal implementations for 2019?

There are numerous new laws and rules that shall come into effect this year – so what exactly are they?

UK Government urged to increase AML checks

The Treasury Committee recently reported that the necessity for the accuracy of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checking is vital.

Brexit & the Environmental blunder

To what extent will Brexit also impact the world on a more global scale, for instance the environment?

What is prohibited in UK/EU Competition Law?

All businesses within both the UK and EU should be aware of exactly what constitutes ‘Anti-Competitive’ behaviour, so to avoid legal action against them.

How will Brexit impact ‘Geo-Blocking’?

Last year, the EU introduced a new Geo-Blocking regulation regarding online e-commerce – so how will Brexit effect its implementation?

What is the ePrivacy Regulation?

The EU ePrivacy Regulation is the most recent data regulation to be proposed by the EU – so what exactly is it?

Should you consider Arbitration?

Clients undergoing a dispute may be advised to seek Arbitration as a form of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR) – but is this a good alternative?

EU Competition Law Update: Major Financial Service Fined

The EU has recently fined a Major Financial Service over the breaching of Antitrust laws.

Is Digital Services Tax a good idea?

The UK Budget 2018 announced that a ‘Digital Services Tax’ is to be introduced from April 2020 – but will this be practical?

What is a ‘Convertible Loan Note’?

Many start-up companies (SME) seek for ‘Convertible Loan Notes’ (CLN) under the legal assistance of an assigned lawyer, however what exactly is this?

Historical Fraud Trial begins

A historical fraud trial begins this week involving four senior bankers at Barclays, including the former CEO – John Varley.