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Diversity and Culture

We value Diversity and Inclusion

diversity-and-cultureDiversity and inclusion is a critical component of the firm’s past, present and future and one of the values which shapes us. In return, diversity and inclusion adds value to the firm in attracting and retaining the very best talent, engaging with our people, fostering innovation and meeting the needs of our diverse clients.

By diversity we mean all the ways which make each of us unique. Inclusion involves harnessing the innate value of our diversity by creating an environment of respect, involvement and reciprocity – where the breadth of differing perspectives is cultivated to create business value.

Our Approach

Our diversity and inclusion strategy has a particular focus on leadership, the partnership pipeline, innovative work practices and partnering with our clients.  We benchmark against industry best practice, both within and external to the legal sector.  We carry out research and analysis to inform and tailor our programmes.  We take an inclusive approach to diversity including initiatives encompassing gender, race, age, religion and belief, sexual orientation, disability and social inclusion.

An Opportunity to Network

A key part of our approach is our employee networks which support the overall diversity and inclusion strategy by running awareness raising events, seminars and providing networking opportunities both internally and with our clients.