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Which countries are restricting UK visitors?

December 21, 2021 | COVID-19, News, Travel

As a result of the new Omicron variant, countries are closing their borders to UK travellers. As the wave of Omicron hits the UK, it is likely that more countries will follow in restricting travel from the UK. Anyone travelling over the Christmas period should check travel rules and restrictions before doing so.


On 17th December 2021 France imposed new rules for UK visitors. Those travelling from the UK will need to take a Covid test and must provide compelling reasons for needing to enter France. Travel for tourism and business reasons is not permitted. Those needing to enter France from the UK will need to register the address of where they are staying in France and must provide a negative Covid test (taken in less than 24 hours) and isolate for 2 days. 


From 19th December 2021 only German citizens and residents can travel to Germany from the UK. Those who are allowed to enter Germany will need to self- isolate for 14 days and provide a negative Covid test.


The Netherlands are considering the UK as a very high-risk country. As of 22nd December 2021 anyone travelling from the UK will need to show a negative Covid test and must quarantine for 10 days. If the individual receives a negative result when tested by the Dutch government authorities (GGD), they may be able to reduce the quarantine period to 5 days. 

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