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Copyright Infringement Lawyers London

Copyright law allows for the protection of important business assets. It is not uncommon that a business will invest heavily in websites and displays of its products and services in order to survive in the commercial world. In turn, these will often require a considerable amount of time and money to be spent on their design, production and administration, in order to produce a return for a business. As such, they represent a valuable asset to the business, and therefore, enjoy legal protection from being copied by competitors.

Copyright is essentially concerned with the expression of ideas. It affords businesses protection of the messages that they communicate to their customer base. If your business has a website, or produces marketing materials in order to advertise your products or services to consumers, there will in all likelihood be copyright in it. This means that if you come across a competitor who has replicated your work without permission then you may be able to take legal action against them for infringing your copyright.

At Hudson McKenzie, we have a dedicated intellectual property team who work with corporate clients of various sizes in order to protect their copyright. We appreciate the huge investment in business assets that is necessary to survive. Our team of specialist intellectual property lawyers will be able to help you to identify parties who have infringed your copyright, by investigating suspected instances of copying and raising infringement proceedings where necessary. If you need advice from commercially oriented, practical lawyers who understand the needs of your business, contact the team at Hudson McKenzie today.

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