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Cyprus Residence by Investment

The Republic of Cyprus has enjoyed being an independent nation since 1960, is a member of the EU since 2004 and became a member of the EEA in 2008.
The island enjoys low tax rates and has a diversified economy in which tourism, financial services and shipping are major players.
Key Facts
  • Official language is Greek, however English tends to be used as the ‘business language’.
  • An attractive warm climate, dry summers from April to November, with short, cooler winters. Average annual daytime temperature is 24°C.
  • Strategically located being just 1.5hrs from Athens, 4hrs from Frankfurt, 3.5hrs from Dubai and 5hrs from London.
  • Required investment from €500,000.


Applicants must fulfil all of the following:


Purchase a property in Cyprus for a minimum value of €500,000, to be held in perpetuity. In the case that the applicant proceeds with the real estate investment option, below, this property can be included in the €2,000,000 investment.)


Provide a minimum of €2,000,000 into ONE of the following four options:

  • Investment in real estate, developments and infrastructure projects.
  • Investment into alternative investment funds or financial assets of the country.
  • Purchase, establishment or participation in the country’s businesses and companies.
  • A combination of any of the above.

If qualifying via a €2,000,000 private residence purchase, after three years it is permitted to liquidate and replace the private residence with a €500,000 property.

We would be delighted to assist you and your family members in obtaining Residency of Cyprus. Please get in touch with us at to know more about this programme.


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