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Immigration to China

Hudson McKenzie’s Global Business Immigration Services team is a leader in providing both corporate and private clients with expert and effective advice relating to all aspects of immigration processes to China. With our Global Headquarters in London, United Kingdom, we work closely with our Immigration specialists in China to provide our clients with seamless immigration and relocation support.

At Hudson McKenzie we can assist you with all immigration and relocation matters including:

  • Tourist visas
  • Z-Visa and business visa applications
  • Work and residence permit applications
  • Renewal applications
  • Dependant permits
  • Investment and entrepreneurial applications
  • Long term residency
  • De-registrations
  • Supporting letters
  • Online account registrations for the sponsoring of foreign workers
  • Document services including authentication, notarisations, legalisations, and translations
  • Local registrations
  • Medical examination processes

Can you enter and work in China as a Visitor?

There are only a certain number of nationalities that can enter China as visa free nationals under special circumstances. In majority of cases, a visa application will be required, whether for tourism, business, work, or family reunification purposes. A foreign traveller can submit a visa application in their home country or country of legal residence. The visa type required for entry into China will depend on the purpose of visit and the duration of stay.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements to determine the most appropriate visa and how we can assist you to obtain it.

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