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Settlement Agreement Lawyers London

We can advise on and negotiate the terms of a settlement agreement for all levels of seniority.

Settlement agreements are a common method of bringing to an end the employment relationship and provides a record in writing of the terms of any settlement reached between an employee and their employer.

The effect of an employee signing such an agreement is that they are effectively waiving their employment rights to bring a claim against their employment in consideration of receipt of a settlement payment and any other benefits which their employer agrees to give them.

Whilst employer may sometimes give the impression that this is just part of the process, it is not. This precaution is a legal requirement for a reason. Employees should not give up their claims without being advised whether they are forfeiting them for too little in return.

Where appropriate, we will negotiate with the employer to get the best settlement terms for the employee including:

  • Appropriate financial compensation
  • Controlling what the employer can say about your departure and in references
  • Recovering the employee’s legal fees

It is important to receive independent legal advice. If our client is being offered a good deal we advise them so and to sign the agreement. If it is not, we will provide a range of options and, if necessary, we will litigate.

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