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The prospect of attending a disciplinary meeting at your place of work is inevitably a daunting one. We are able to guide you through these situations by providing the best possible advice for your particular circumstances.

Employers may initiate their disciplinary procedure for a number of reasons including poor performance, misconduct, poor timekeeping and unsatisfactory levels of attendance. The outcome of the procedure can range from an informal warning to a dismissal in some cases. Whatever the circumstances, if you are involved in a disciplinary proceeding, it is vital that you understand your rights and obligations.

It is important for employees to note that every employer should have a written disciplinary procedure that allows them to understand the process, respond to any allegations and share their side of the story. There should also be an opportunity for employees to appeal if you disagree with the findings.

Our employment lawyers can advise you on your rights and obligations during the entire disciplinary process and on the tactical and practical considerations which may make a difference to the outcome of that process.

If the disciplinary process ends badly and you want to bring an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, we can give clear advice on the prospects of success and on the cost of bringing a claim as balanced against the compensation you might be rewarded.

If you decide to go ahead with an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, we will advise and represent you as effectively and cost efficiently as possible in order to achieve a successful outcome.

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