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Virtual Immigration: What’s Next?

April 4, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

With the ongoing rise of virtual reality headsets being sold to the public, how long will it be before global immigration is affected on a worldwide scale, due to individuals desiring to move through a ‘virtual’ reality instead of a ‘physical’ one?

The newest craze to the advance of technology and virtual reality is the recent sales of virtual reality headsets to the public, with the cheapest headsets being sold at a mere £15.00 – meaning that individuals of any caliber can experience virtual reality beyond their physical being, even whilst being within the comfort of their own homes.

Much like the rise of the television set and the computer, which meant that people could now be entertained at home without the need to travel elsewhere, the virtual reality headset also adds to this concept – however could the advance of this technology eventually create an impact upon the immigration of humans altogether?

For instance, unlike the television or computer, the virtual reality headset is worn upon the individual, in which by wearing the device allows the individual to enter and experience different worlds at ease, much like if an individual was to physically travel to alternative destination overseas.

However, with the technology of the virtual reality headsets rapidly advancing, could this mean that eventually, those in possession of a headset shall no longer desire to physically travel beyond the comfort of their own homes, creating a mass decrease within the global immigration market?

Furthermore, should immigration law firms be prepared to adapt to the ongoing technological advances and the possible impacts that such developments may cause upon the general global immigration sphere?

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Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby