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US Green card requirements for permanent residence

September 16, 2021 | Immigration, News, US Immigration

According to a new Centres for Disease and Control (CDC) prevention order, From 1st October 2021, Green card holders in the US will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid to be able to obtain permanent residence. 

As part of the eligibility criteria for permanent residence in the US, a medical test is required.  The Covid vaccine has now been added to the list of required vaccinations by the CDC. This will be added to the routine medical examinations which are required for those applying for Green cards for adjustment of status applications within the US and immigrant visa applications from US consulates abroad. 

It is important to note that from 1st October 2021, those who attend medical examinations are part of the immigration process who are not fully vaccinated with a Covid jab, are likely to experience delays in their applications. In some cases, applicants may be exempt from having a vaccination. 

The following exemptions are accepted by the United States government:

  • Those who are under the age limit for the vaccination in their jurisdiction
  • Those who do not have access to vaccines in their jurisdiction
  • Those who reject the vaccine based on religious or moral reasons will need to submit a waiver request

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