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Argentina announces new remote worker visa

May 26, 2022 | Immigration, News, Travel

As of 21st May 2022, the Argentina government introduced a new 6-month remote working visa for foreign nationals that are employed outside of Argentina. Successful applicants have the opportunity to extend the visa for a further 6 months. This is a good opportunity for employees that are allowed to work anywhere to do so whilst

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What are the requirements for the Expansion Worker visa?

The Expansion Worker visa is for people who need to come to the UK to set up a branch of an overseas business that has not yet started trading in the UK.  It must be noted that if the company already has a branch in the UK, the applicant will need to apply for a

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Which Chinese cities are in lockdown?

April 13, 2022 | COVID-19, News, Travel

China recently announced its largest lockdown since the pandemic started in the global business hub of Shanghai after experiencing a high number of Covid cases. The lockdown in Shanghai has now been extended further resulting in public transport being stopped and companies asking people to work remotely.  China has been adopting a zero-Covid system rather

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Global immigration changes as a result of the Ukraine crisis

April 6, 2022 | Immigration, News, Travel

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many countries around the world have opened up visa routes and made concessions in their immigration rules for Ukrainian nationals. On the same note, some have also suspended certain visa routes for Russian nationals. Canada makes immigration concessions for Ukrainians Canada has provided temporary options for emergency

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Canada eases travel restrictions

March 16, 2022 | News, Travel

Travel restrictions have been eased for fully vaccinated international travellers wanting to visit Canada due to the amount of Covid cases that have dropped in places such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario. Currently, the rules are that foreign travellers must take a pre-arrival Covid molecular test up to 72 hours before leaving for Canada

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Latest UK visas for Ukrainian nationals

The UK government has made a number of visas available for Ukrainian nationals as a result of the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The following visas are available depending on the individual’s circumstances: Ukrainian nationals with family in the UK: Ukraine Family Scheme Ukrainian nationals with no family in the UK: Local Sponsorship Scheme for

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Who needs a visit visa for the UK?

March 2, 2022 | Immigration, News, Travel, UK Government

A visit visa for the UK allows eligible people to travel to the UK for tourism, some business activities such as meetings or conferences, some study or academic purposes such as short pieces of research and in exceptional circumstances, to seek private medical treatment. Generally, a UK visitor visa allows you to stay up to

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Temporary visa concessions for British nationals in Ukraine and Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and the UK

The UK has granted various concessions to Ukrainian citizens in the UK, such as temporarily extending visas and allowing visa routes to be switched. Additionally, non-British family members of British nationals who live in Ukraine can now apply for family migration visas for free. Those eligible for a family migration visa include the following: a

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Israel eases travel restrictions for visitors

February 24, 2022 | COVID-19, News, Travel

As of 1st March 2022 all tourists whether vaccinated or unvaccinated will be permitted to travel to Isreal providing they have a PRC test before travelling and on arrival to Isreal.  Israeli nationals will only need to provide a PRC test on arrival to the country and unlike before, unvaccinated nationals will not need to

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Hungary announces new digital nomad visa

Hungary has introduced a new “White card” which is a one-year permit for digital nomads or remote workers who want to live in Hungary whilst working for a foreign employer or foreign clients.  In order to be eligible for this visa, applicants must earn at least 2000 Euros per month. They must have received this

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Can I work remotely on a tourist visa?

The idea of working remotely has become more popular since the pandemic. People have had the opportunity to work from home away from the office which has been a welcome change to the “normal” traditional ways of working for some. As many countries around the world are introducing remote worker visas or digital nomad visas,

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What are the current rules for UK travellers in the USA?

February 9, 2022 | News, Travel, US Immigration

No travel is risk-free during the pandemic. Many countries have been going back and forth with rules and restrictions which tends to be a little confusing for travellers. With regards to the USA, most fully-vaccinated travellers can enter the country and will accept any vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Brazil opens up digital nomad visa

Brazil has opened up a new working visa for remote workers. A remote worker, otherwise known as a “digital nomad” is someone who is often self-employed and can work from anywhere in the world providing they are able to access wifi to complete work tasks. Remote workers can also be employed by a company that

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Romania introduces accessible remote worker visa

January 25, 2022 | Business, Employment, Immigration, Travel

Following the rise of remote workers, Romania has introduced a new 6-month remote worker visa. It is being called one of the most “accessible” remote visas in Europe because the minimum monthly earnings requirement is one of the lowest at 1,100 Euros. Romania is said to be a popular destination for remote workers due to

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Which cities are locked down in China?

January 12, 2022 | COVID-19, News, Travel

On 23rd December 2021, Xi’an city in China where 13 million residents live was locked down as a result of the virus. Now Yuzhou has also been forced to lockdown in an attempt to stick to the Covid-zero policy. What is a Covid-zero policy? A Covid-zero policy is where the goal is to have no

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