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The current position on international travel in the UK

As of 17th May 2021 the UK travel ban on international travel for non-essential purposes was lifted. It seems that international travel will be somewhat similar to last summer’s arrangement whereby the government has a green list of countries that people can visit without having to quarantine on their return to the UK. The list is said to be renewed every 3 weeks and destinations can be added and removed at short notice. 

What about vaccine passports?

The government has proposed that a vaccine passport will be available from 17th May 2021 on the NHS app for those who have had two vaccine doses. Those who do not have access to a phone or the app have the option to receive a paper copy of the vaccine passport by calling 119. The NHS app is separate to the NHS track and trace app and will show proof of having the vaccine. The government has suggested that many countries will require people to show proof of having the vaccine.

For those who have not yet had two doses of the vaccine, they will need to follow the rules for the destinations they intend to visit. Most places require that a Covid test is taken before departure and some places ask people to be tested on arrival also. 

Entering the UK 

Prior to 17 May 2021, people travelling to the UK from another country had to quarantine in the place they are staying or in a quarantine hotel for 10 days. 

For those who now want to enter the UK for travel, there is a traffic light system. If you are arriving in the UK from a green list destination, you will need to take a Covid test on day two. If you have come from a country on the amber list you must quarantine in the place you’re staying and take two Covid tests. If you are travelling from a red list country, you will have to quarantine in a hotel and take two tests. 

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