Prime Minister's message to EU nationals in the UK

Prime Minister’s message to EU nationals in the UK

October 20, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, recently released a press statement with an update for EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals residing in one of the EU27, which may provide some clarity surrounding which way the current Brexit negotiations are heading.

In the statement, the Prime Minister made it clear that the rights of citizen’s are her main priority, as she stated:

“I have been clear throughout this process that citizens’ rights are my first priority. And I know my fellow leaders have the same objective: to safeguard the rights of EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU…I couldn’t be clearer: EU citizens living lawfully in the UK today will be able to stay.”

As well as safeguarding the rights of EU nationals currently in the UK, focus will also be placed on healthcare, pensions, other benefits and the application process. Furthermore, those who have paid into the UK system can be further rest assured that they will benefit from it.

In terms of the application process, it will be digitalised and streamlined, as well hopefully be low-cost. Many people will be involved in the application process to try to make it as user friendly as possible.

“We will keep the cost as low as possible – no more than the cost of a UK passport. The criteria applied will be simple, transparent and strictly in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.  People applying will not have to account for every trip they have taken in and out of the UK and will no longer have to demonstrate Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as they currently must under EU rules.  And importantly, for any EU citizen who holds Permanent Residence under the old scheme, there will be a simple process put in place to swap their status for UK settled status.”

Theresa May wants to help families stay together and continue to have those already here to contribute towards the social and cultural diversity of the UK’s market’s.

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Author: Amisha Jethwa