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Illegal Immigrants Face Bank Accounts Being Frozen

November 3, 2017 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

In a policy which went live this week by the Home Office, anyone who is in the UK illegally, face having their UK bank accounts frozen or closed down completely, this is yet another implementation to crackdown on anyone who is in the UK illegally.

As a result of this change, banks and building societies will need to be required to conduct checks every quarter for people whose visas have expired, foreign offenders who are facing deportation and those who have had unsuccessful Asylum applications, etc.

Banks will rely on the Home Office to advise on who is in the UK illegally and based on this information, they would freeze or close the respective account, however, this is fairly worrying as the Home Office does not necessarily get things right and would this mean that someone who is in the UK would lawfully be penalised?

Whilst in theory this may seem like a great idea to crackdown on immigration, in reality it is a poor idea which will cause harm to individuals and their families if their accounts are frozen due to incorrect information and this would lead to late payments for things such as mortgages, cars, items bought on credit, furthermore they may not have any funds to even buy food.

The changes seem like it would cause more harm than good and it would be advisable to review and ensure the system which is being implemented is flawless and innocent people do not end up suffering.

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Author: Amisha Jethwa