How 'green' is the legal sector? | Hudson McKenzie

How ‘green’ is the legal sector?

With global climate change concerns on the rise, how far do law firms go to demonstrate that they are consciously proactive in ensuring environmental sustainability?

The environmental sustainability movement or ‘going green’ is an advancing trend among law firms globally, specifically regarding the need to maintain a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a successfully recognised law firm.

One way of promoting this ‘green’ side of the law is to ensure, from an internal perspective, that the law firm in question is a predominately paperless environment, with conscious actions in place regarding the conservation of energy, as well as the active managing of recycling and waste.

So, to act upon these ‘green’ practices, law firms are encouraged to create and promote their own environmental sustainability policies, in which also have the potential to attract a larger network of clients who also share the same ethical values for the environment, globally.

By recognizing the importance of CSR and environmental sustainability within the legal sector, law firms are increasing competing to be recognised as a leader within the ‘green’ field, ensuring that their own ‘eco’ carbon footprint is as minimal as possible.

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Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby