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Digital nomad visas on the rise for those travelling whilst working

With many now working from home due to the pandemic, office working seems something of the past and remote working the future. This means that in theory, many people could actually work anywhere in the world that they desire, if it is suitable for their job. Subsequently, many countries have adapted their immigration laws to move with the times.

Currently, travel is restricted and many countries have implemented a self quarantine period for those visiting a country. Prior to the pandemic, visitors were restricted as to the amount of time they could stay in a place and the bureaucracy is time consuming and may deter people when frequently travelling between countries.

Countries around the world are trying to encourage people to travel in order to boost economies after the pandemic. Whilst people have to quarantine in a place, short-term visitors are being deterred. Digital nomad visas are a good way of attracting short term living and long term travel for people who wish to travel whilst working remotely around the world. 

What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa allows those who want to travel and work remotely to do so legally. It is a little different to a visit visa which would allow people to solely visit a country as a tourist. Many visitor visas do not allow working alongside visiting. 

The length of the stay permitted is dependent on each country and most visas require that you show proof of being a digital nomad. Digital nomads may be required to show that they are able to work independently and that they are earning a certain level of income to demonstrate that they are able to support themselves and not have to rely on public funds. 

A few countries are offering this visa, but it is expected that other countries will join in to accommodate global changes and boost economies post pandemic. This visa is a good way to attract people who are not wanting to reside in a country for a very long period, but who seek more than a “tourist experience.”

Which countries are offering a digital nomad visa?

  • Estonia
  • Barbados
  • Georgia
  • Dubai
  • Cayman Islands
  • Bermuda
  • Croatia

In addition, Portugal and Germany do not strictly offer a digital nomad visa, but do offer a permit for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Similarly, Costa Rica has a freelancer visa which allows a stay for up to 2 years and allows entrepreneurs to work in Costa Rica. Australia also offers a working holiday visa which allows young adults to work in Australia while partly holidaying. 

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