Sponsor Licence Application Lawyers

Sponsor Licence Application Lawyers

Within specialised industries it can often be difficult to fill roles with current or local staff, which is why many employers choose to employ migrant workers to cover those skill shortages.

In doing this there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the different tiers and categories to apply under, which can be complicated without sufficient knowledge on the topic.

Sponsor Licence Application Lawyers at Hudson McKenzie can help provide advice to employers who are looking to hire migrant workers and are not quite sure of the process in obtaining sponsorship.

With vast expertise and knowledge in the area, the advisors can provide guidance which will ensure you are not breaking any laws or causing any issues which may affect your employee or their position within your company.

Hudson McKenzie can help ensure you stay abreast of immigration laws in relation to sponsor licence applications and will advise you throughout the process, so you are completely comfortable with what you are doing and what is expected of you.

You can find out more about employing migrant workers under the points based system by visiting www.hudsonmckenzie.com, where the sponsor licence application lawyers will be happy to assist with your queries.