Will Brexit increase cross-border crime in UK? | Hudson McKenzie

Will Brexit increase cross-border crime in UK?

As a ‘No Deal’ Scenario is now becoming highly probable, will this ultimately lead to an increase in crime in the UK due to lack of Cross-Border crime protection?

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, then it has been predicted that it shall be much hard to investigate cross-border crime, as well as arrest and deport criminals, including the obtaining of compensation for any victims involved.

Furthermore, the ease of access for lawyers when prosecuting criminals will be much harder as instead of referring to the only one justice system (the EU), they will now have to go through numerous different justice systems instead.

Additionally, the UK will also stop having access to several agreements if there is a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, in which are currently in place whilst the UK is in the EU.  For example, the UK currently has access to the following, in relation to cross-border crime control:

  • EU Judicial Co-Operation Unit (Eurojust)
  • European Investigation Order (EIO)
  • Europol
  • European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

Ultimately, without access to these current agreements, the UK may become a popular crime destination for all cross-border criminals, unless proper measures are put in place prior to Brexit.

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