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What’s the process for a short-term visit visa application?

How do short-term students or parents visiting their child acquire a visit visa application?

Recently, the UK government  re-released form VAF1A, so to assist with short-term visit visas to UK. Therefore from this, we look into how exactly a prospective visa applicant should apply and what exactly is the procedure for doing so.

The basic requirements that a parent must meet when wanting to visit a child on a Tier 4 Visa are as follows:

The parent in question must:

  • Have sufficient funding to support themselves whilst they are visiting the U.K. as well as the cost of travel and so forth.
  • Meet the ‘Visitor Visa’ regulations.
  • Must not work whilst visiting the U.K.
  • Have a second home outside the U.K.
  • Intend to the leave the U.K. once visit is over.

Once granted, the visit visa for parents of a Tier 4 child can be entitled for either six or twelve months. After this time period, the visa may be extended upon request for up to twelve months additionally until the child is 12 years old.

Aside from short-term students and parents visiting children on a Tier 4 Visa, the re-released form VAF1A specifically also assists those who are outside of the UK and cannot apply online when coming to the UK as a visitor, in which the UKVI has provided further guidance for.

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