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Trade Mark Infringement Lawyers London

Most businesses will have invested heavily in their brand, in terms of both time and finances. It is an important business investment that communicates with, and assures, consumers of their quality. It is not uncommon, however, in an increasingly competitive world, for competitors to use underhanded tactics in order to benefit from these steps and goodwill.

If you become aware or are suspicious that another firm is using your branding without permission, then you may be able to take legal action against them for infringing your trade mark rights. Trade mark infringement is not only illegal, it can also caused a significant amount to damage to your business’s brand and reputation: competitors may be introducing substandard products into the market that consumers may recognise to be, albeit mistakenly, associated with your business.

Hudson McKenzie is a leading provider of commercial legal advice, and we are often involved in working with corporate clients to help them protect their trade marks. Our Intellectual Property team include some of the most experience solicitors in the field, who make a conscious effort to deliver pragmatic, effective legal assistance to clients in order to address instances of trade mark infringement. We pride ourselves on offering clients a service that promises an aggressive defence of their trade marks and protection of their business assets. If you want to speak to legal advisors who are skilled in protecting your interests and offer strategic legal advice.

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