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Maltese Residence Programme

Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, lying 80 km south of Italy. It is an extremely attractive place to live or to own a second home and is strategically located with excellent air links.

Its proximity to the sea, 300 days of sunshine coupled with lowest crime rates in Europe make it one of the most favoured destinations in Europe.

Key Facts

  • Member of the EU since 2004, and Schengen Area since 2007.
  • Enjoys stable political climate with a low risk of financial instability.
  • Maltese Government is very much pro-business, and creating a company in Malta is straightforward.
  • Legislation and tax system are amongst the most favourable in Europe.
  • English is the official language of Malta (alongside Maltese), and is widely spoken.
  • Required investment from €250,000.

Maltese Residence Programme-Requirements

Applicants must fulfil ALL of the following requirements:

  • Property– Buy real estate for at least €270,000 in south of Malta or on the Island of Gozo; or buy real estate for at least €320,000 situated elsewhere in Malta. Alternatively, lease a property amounting to at least €10,000 per annum in south of Malta or on the Island of Gozo; or lease a property for at least €12,000 per annum situated elsewhere in Malta.
  • Investment– Invest at least €250,000 in government bonds, to be held for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Contribution– Make a non-refundable contribution to the Maltese Government of €30,000 (including an administrative fee of €5,500).


  • Applicants must earn an annual income of at least €100,000 arising outside Malta, or have capital of at least €500,000.
  • Applicants must hold property or investments for at least 5 years.
  • Applicants must hold EU-wide health insurance.


Residence is normally granted within 120 days of submission.

Benefits of obtaining residency

  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area.
  • No minimum residence requirements.
  • Residency extends to spouse and children up to the age of 27 years.
  • 5 years’ permanent residence, renewable indefinitely- right to reside indefinitely in Malta.
  • Investment is required for first 5 years only.
  • Taxed on Maltese source of income and remitted income only.

We would be delighted to assist you and your family members in obtaining Residency of Malta. Please get in touch with us at to know more about this programme.


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