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At Hudson McKenzie, we know that no client is the same and because of that we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.  Our aim is to deliver the service you need, rather than the one we want to offer.

In our experience, the best service we can provide is the benefit of our experience.  When you engage with Hudson McKenzie, you engage with the whole team, even on the most straightforward of matters, so that you can be assured we are always seeking the best outcome in the most efficient way possible.

Small to medium sized organisations operate in, arguably, the most pressured commercial environment, where even a subtle change to matters can have significant consequences for the business. If you think that your business needs the attention of commercial-minded lawyers who genuinely understand the needs of small to medium sized business, then the team at Hudson McKenzie are able to help.

SME Legal Services

Businesses in the SME sector, like their larger counterparts, will need legal advisors who tailor their advice to their clients’ requirements. This is an important part of the service that we deliver at Hudson McKenzie, where we have specialist legal expertise in the areas of law relevant to SMEs. Our expertise includes, amongst other things:

Business Structures

Deciding which business framework best suits your organisation is vitally important, and will have a direct impact on the way your venture operates. It also has implications for the liability of those who carry out its day-to-day activities, from securing finance from lenders to entering into contracts for goods and services from other parties.

Company Law

As the most popular vehicle for operating a commercial enterprise in the UK, private companies present considerable benefits when operating a business. However, this distinct legal structure also carries with it certain regulatory and administrative obligations that are distinct from other business models. The legalities of operating a private limited company need to be understood in order to avoid risking the stability of the business.

Business Contracts

Your business will enter into a variety of contracts, such as for use of property as an office and the provision of goods or services. These contracts need to be drafted sufficiently well in order to insulate the business from commercial risks and unnecessary expense.

Intellectual Property

Your business will have invested heavily in branding the goods and services that it provides. It is paramount that these valuable assets are adequately protected from parties who would attempt to take advantage of your investment in time and money. Your business’s rights over its IP need to be aggressively enforced against would be infringers, in order to protect their long term value.

Directors’ Duties

While a component of company law more generally, the law applicable to directors in the UK has acquired distinct importance. Directors of a company need to understand the legal restrictions on their activities when carrying out their role and have a full appreciation of the responsibilities that they owe as the leaders of an organisation.

Why Contact Hudson McKenzie’s Expert Commercial Lawyers?

Hudson McKenzie is a leading commercial law firm in London, committed to providing solutions to your business problems. We take our role as legal advisors very seriously, and make it our business to know how your business operates.

We take pride in being trusted advisors to many businesses, ranging in size from law conglomerates to niche companies. Our wealth of experience and depth of knowledge as commercial lawyers is at the fore, allowing us to deliver effective legal advice for your business.

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