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What is a ROA?

August 16, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

The ‘Right Of Abode’ (ROA) means that an individual has the ‘right’ to work and live in the UK – but how does an individual obtain this right?

To be granted the ROA, an individual is required to apply for a ‘certificate of entitlement’, which shall prove that they are able to work and live within the UK.

Under the Immigration Act 1971, if an individual has a ROA within the UK, then that individual is “entirely free” from all UK immigration control. In which under section 2 of the act, all British Citizens have the ROA in the UK.

Furthermore, with a ROA, permission from an immigration officer is also not required when entering the UK, allowing an individual with a ROA to live and work without restrictions.

To obtain an ROA, an individual must obtain a ‘certificate of entitlement’, which shall be placed within their passport, so to show ROA.

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