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What is a Home Office action plan?

Action plans are issued to Tier 2, Tier 5 sponsors and skilled worker sponsors who have been B-rated after a Home Office compliance visit. If you have had a compliance visit by a Home Office caseworker and they establish that you do not meet certain requirements as a sponsor, the caseworker may note these in an action plan. The action plan will outline recommendations that should be made to meet standards.   

The maximum time a sponsor can be subject to an action plan is 3 months. A sponsor is expected to carry out the recommendations made in the action plan within 3 months at which point, the caseworker will arrange a revisit to check the sponsor has made the changes. 

What happens at a revisit after an action plan is in place?

If you have been given an action plan by the Home Office after a compliance inspection, you will be revisited by someone from the Home Office to check that you have done what you need to do according to the action plan.

The Home Office can provide general guidelines but they cannot specifically tell you what to put in place to meet the requirements. 

All of your HR systems will be reviewed again, not just the areas that need improvement. Therefore, you should make sure that all areas of your HR systems are in line with requirements. If the Home Office believes that you still do not meet the requirements but you believe that you have done what you can to satisfy them, you must evidence this to the caseworker and demonstrate that you meet the standards set out in the action plan. The caseworker cannot leave until they have given you every opportunity to show this.  

Once the visit has been completed, the caseworker will write a report to advise if you have implemented the correct changes. 

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