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What are the challenges post-Brexit?

August 19, 2021 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

As a result of Brexit, many employers and EU and EEA nationals have had to adjust to new rules and changes to immigration requirements. 

As such, the main challenges are getting our heads around the changing of the rules and keeping compliant. Since 30th June 2021 new requirements came into action for EEA and EU nationals. 


Employers must ensure they are compliant with immigration rules post Brexit which includes the way in which they recruit and conduct right to work checks. 

Right to work checks have changed as a result of Brexit. Identification documents of EEA and EU nationals must be checked by employers to ensure they are genuine and that individuals are who they say they are. Expiry dates of immigration documents should also be verified to see whether a person has any restrictions to work in the UK. 

Business travel

Individuals will need to keep up to date with the immigration rules as the travel requirements pre-brexit no longer apply. 

For UK nationals visiting the EU for tourism or some work purposes, a visa is not required in some cases for up to 90 days of travel in an EU country. Business travel is permitted for EU nationals travelling to the UK for up to 6 months, however, paid or unpaid work in a UK company is not permitted. 

It must be noted that for EU nationals travelling to the UK, national ID cards will not be accepted for travel from 1st October 2021 unless individuals have immigration status such as pre-settled or settled status where ID cards will apply until 31st December 2025. 

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