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Use of NDA’s face extinction in workplace

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are being tackled by the UK government given their infamous status to act as a ‘gagging’ clause to employees nationwide.

The fight against the use of NDA’s within the workplace has escalated since numerous cases came to light regarding the numerous concealment tactics used by employers to hide aggressive misconduct to employees such as racism, sexual harassment and intimidation.

Thus, one of the latest initiatives to curb the misuse of NDA’s is to bring forth new legislation through Parliament that will aim to prevent victims of misconduct from reporting these misdemeanours to the police where necessary.

By targeting NDA’s, it is hoped that fairness will be increased within the work environment and that victims will have the opportunity to speak out if necessary, without fear of breaking a former gagging clause imposed upon them by their employer.

To find out more about the recent UK Government consultation regarding the misuse of NDA’s, please click here.

The consultation is set to close on 29th April 2019.

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