‘Universal Jobmatch’ online service to be replaced | Hudson McKenzie

‘Universal Jobmatch’ online service to be replaced

From 14th May 2018, the ‘Universal Jobmatch’ online service will be replaced by alternative online service entitled ‘Find a job’, as announced by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The new ‘Find a job’ online service will feature several new functions such as:

  • Enhanced streamlining posting of jobs offered
  • A redesigned account page, which is also updated in its functioning process.
  • A new simplified login process, as a replacement of the initial ‘Government Gateway’ system.

Access to the new online service can be done from the 14th May 2018 through the following link: findajob.dwp.gov.uk

This now means that all account details previously held upon ‘Universal Jobmatch’ shall now be transferred to ‘Find a job’, however access for all holders of a ‘Universal Jobmatch’ account shall be able to access the site until 17th June 2018.

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