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UKVI considering reducing number of student visas

December 15, 2016 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

Recent news indicates that the (UKVI) are considering reducing number of student visas by half in the future. The news, no doubt has come as a big surprise and disappointment to universities and international students alike. The current number of students coming to the UK from overseas stands at 300,000 yearly at present, this may be halved to 170,000 a year.

Amidst growing concerns over this, we are also witnessing Tier 4 visa applications being lately refused at British Embassy posts overseas on frivolous grounds e.g. not knowing the opening hours of the university’s library, name of the vice chancellor at their university etc. following the credibility interviews which they give as part of the visa application process. The reasons for refusal are clearly unfair as most people would research more into the course they wish to undertake.

It seems that students from India are facing more difficulties, as they are being advised by UK Visas and Immigration, that certain universities in India are doing the same course, therefore why do they want to travel to the UK to study the course.

A UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) official stated that “Claims the Home Office is modelling cuts to reduce international students to a third are categorically untrue”.

It is claimed that international students contribute a huge £10.7 billion to the UK economy. Refusing students visas will lead to them applying to other countries to study further and contribute talent and finances to other countries’ economies instead.

Whist no changes have been made or announced officially yet, this something that students travelling to the UK in the future will need to consider. Our team of immigration solicitors can help you with any questions you may have or prepare you for interviews.

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