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UKVI announces “Access UK” to Tier 2 General & ICT Applicants

March 7, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

Access UK is an easy to use online application service for those wishing to apply for a visa to work, study or visit the United Kingdom. It is also available to applicants based in the UK, who wish to extend or change their visa.

The new service offering will enable Tier 2 workers and their partner or child to follow a more streamlined, modern and straight forward process when applying.

Tier 2 applicant’s from outside the UK have until now only been able to apply using the Visa4UK website which has been widely criticised for being outdated, time consuming and not fit for purpose.

The benefits customers will experience using Access UK are;

  • The convenience of being able to prepare application forms on smart phones or tablets;
  • Application forms which are more relevant to the applicant’s previous answers, more concise and faster to complete;
  • The ability to review, edit and download incomplete applications at any point before submission;
  • Clearer understanding of the application fee which will now be displayed in the local currency;
  • The ability to apply, book their Visa Application Centre (VAC) appointment to give biometrics, and pay for the relevant service via Access UK, rather than visiting multiple online sites.

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Author: Prab Dhahoa