Should the UK's new immigration policy deter skilled workers?

Should the UK’s new immigration policy deter skilled workers?

October 24, 2016 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

With the constant change in UK immigration policy and tightening borders, Chancellor Phillip Hammond advised he could not see why firms should be restricted from recruiting ‘high level’ workers.”

This may well be good news for UK businesses who are constantly suffering and facing immigration hurdles when trying to fill skilled posts and have to turn to recruiting from overseas.

With Brexit voters voting for restrictions on migrants competing for entry level jobs, Philip Hammond stated “I cannot conceive of any circumstances in which we would be using those migration controls to prevent banks, companies moving highly qualified, highly skilled people between different parts of their businesses.”

The finance and IT sector are two of the largest sectors globally and not just in London, therefore restricting them from employing skilled workers could impact the industry and the UK market hugely.

There have also been talks in Parliament that students may also be taken out of the of this target as it is important for the UK to retain exceptional students and utilise their skills to better our economy.

The skilled worker restriction may also apply to EU Citizens, Prime Minister, Theresa May revealed that she is planning on making EU Citizens secure skilled employment in the UK before they are allowed to work, this is in an attempt to reduce the net number of arrivals in the UK to under 100,000 per year.

Are your businesses in these sectors? If so we would love to hear your views and how immigration affects you and your business.

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