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UK Quarantine Rule Under Fire from the Travel Industry

On Monday 1st June 2020, multiple travel companies have launched a plea over the UK quarantine rule that is due to take effect from 8th June 2020. This means that people entering the UK from overseas will be instructed to isolate for 14 days.

Approximately 200 travel businesses have written a formal letter to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, urgently requesting the quarantine plans to be dumped. 

“This is not just a group of company bosses complaining, but employees from bottom to top calling for the quarantine plans to be quashed” – Author of the letter and boss of tour operator Red Savannah, George Morgan Grenville.

The letter calls for the rules to be reviewed for a second time, as previously urged by employers in the travel industry and MPs last week. The letter is said to contain information that travel should be permitted without the requirement to self-quarantine when travelling between destinations that are “deemed safe from coronavirus”. Travel businesses are calling for “air bridges” to be introduced whereby passengers from countries with a low rate of imported infection can travel to the UK without needing to self-isolate. 

Conditions of the Rule:

Passengers will be required to provide contact and travel information upon arrival at the UK border and their whereabouts for the self-quarantine duration. This is by way of a contact locator form.  Should individuals refuse to comply, they will be subject to a £100 financial penalty. Equally, sporadic visits from UK officials will be conducted to ensure individuals are self-isolating at the place they stipulated in their travel and contact locator forms. Those found not to be at that place of residence will be subject to a fine of £1000.00.

Individuals cannot conduct non-essential travel or go to public places such as schools or the workplace. Where individuals can be dependent on others to do their food shopping, they must not to this themselves nor have visitors unless it is for essential support purposes only.

Impact on the Travel Industry:

It is undeniable to say that the travel and aviation industry are going through a period of financial instability and turmoil- with the potential impact of small travel businesses facing bankruptcy.

With airlines such as TUI and British airways laying off thousands of staff, the last thing they want to do is face the prospect of further economic depression. Without the prospect of having summer holidays followed through this year, this doubles the economic burden for them.

“These cross Government public health measures are designed to keep the transmission rate down, stop new cases being brought in from abroad and help prevent a devastating second wave of coronavirus. All of our decisions have been based on the latest scientific evidence.” – A Home Office Spokesperson.

No.10 and the Home Office are persistent in the theory that should the effectiveness of the quarantine rules fall, the spread of the virus will start back up again. However, this is subject to much vehement criticism as the UK has one of the highest fatality rates in Europe. Equally the UK government has been strongly criticised for their reaction towards controlling the spread of the virus.

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