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UK outlaws travel from Denmark

Following from the latest news of a surge of COVID-19 cases across multiple mink farms in Denmark, the UK government has responded quickly to prevent this spread from entering the UK.

Government officials have chosen to act with optimum efficiency after the latest developments revealed that the outbreak of coronavirus amongst these mink farms are also spreading to local communities.


As of 04:00 AM on Saturday 7th November, arrivals from Denmark into the UK have been refused entry. For British citizens arriving to the UK from Denmark will however be allowed entry but must self-quarantine with their household members.

Individuals who have already arrived into the UK from Denmark within 2 weeks before 4th November are also required to self-quarantine with their household members. This period of isolation will depend on when the arrivals were last in Denmark and will decided by government officers. This will be based on the details on their passenger locator forms provided upon arrival at the UK border.

According to the UK’s Department of Transport and MP Grant Shapps, border force has stepped up on its border controls for travellers who have come in from Denmark. This is to ensure that they are adhering to the new restrictions and continue to do so upon their return to their respective accommodations.

Finally, Denmark has officially been removed from the UK’s travel corridor list. This means that travel to and from Denmark is now prohibited. All these restrictions will be reviewed in a weeks’ time.

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