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UK Budget 2021: Proposed plans for UK immigration

Proposals were made by the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer for development of certain immigration routes as part of the 2021 Budget and Spending Review Report. The immigration proposals are outlined as part of the “investing in growing” section of the budget plan. The plan is summarised as follows:

High-Skilled Migration

The government aims to make changes to the UK immigration system to attract highly-skilled people including a new Scale-up Visa which is being launched in spring 2022. The route will be open to those who pass the language proficiency requirement, have a high-skilled job offer from an eligible business and receive a salary of at least £33,000.

Global Talent Network

A Global Talent Network will also be launched to attract highly skilled people in key science and technology sectors. The “network” will work towards helping businesses and research institutions to find UK skills needs and source talent from overseas to bring to the UK. It is reported that talent will be sourced from campuses, innovation hubs and research institutions. 

Department for International Trade Global Entrepreneur Programme

The government will maintain the Trade Global Entrepreneur programme to allow it to continue to expand its global footprint. The aim is to bring an extra 100 innovative, highly skilled entrepreneurs to the UK each year. 

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