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Trump/Putin Summit Repercussions

July 17, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

The recent summit is incredibly important as Trump and Putin have been a topic of scandal since Trump’s election in 2016.

Many of trump’s associates have advised him against the meeting with Putin due to how Russia has had negative correlations with the US since American Intelligence accusing them of interfering with the US election in 2016.

Putin has made it very clear that he wants to assert Russia’s power and how they compare to the rest of the world. The remarks from the American President are giving Russia’s aggressive governing style a hall pass.

Despite the scandal, Trump insists on the meeting going well and forming a greater relationship between the US and Russia. He is very enthusiastic about this friendship due to them both being strong global powers.

The issue that the Trump administration now faces is the backlash of the American people caused by the attention given to Russia. Americans, Democratic and Republican, are upset at the President for not denouncing Russia or questioning them about the rumors of them meddling in the US election. Instead, he praised Russia’s President repeatedly and avoided all discussion of the hot topic.

Trump’s own administration now criticizes him for being the President that sided with a foreign suspect over his own law enforcement, American Intelligence, and American defense officials. This move in the hopes of bringing together two strong nations is what is showing weakness in the White house and causing Trump’s administration to question where his loyalty lies and how his recent actions will affect America’s global relationships.

Russia does not currently have the best connections with the European Union. The EU placed sanctions on Russia and Russia retaliated by blacklisting 89 European officials and restricting them access from Russia. Trump has recently started to follow down a similar path, separating their ties with the EU. After the NATO summit, Trump criticized the EU nations and made a statement that he saw the EU as a foe to the United States as they were not participating with him favorably in trade.

The moves Trump made against the EU were shut down by the rest of the White House officials, apologizing on his behalf and urging him to remain allies with the EU. Having said this, given his new ties to Russia, Trump could continue to add to his blacklist, following up his travel ban. He has already threatened the EU with tariffs and raising import taxes, putting restrictions on the EU travel-wise may be his next move to get closer with the Russians.

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Author: Annaliese Druiitt