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The UK announces visas changes in the budget plan

  • New unsponsored highly skilled migrant visa

During the “budget speech” Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans for a new unsponsored high skilled migrant visa. By launching this visa route, the UK government aims to attract highly skilled migrants “to help rebuild” the UK’s economy after COVID. The Chancellor announced this as part of his £65 billion package to reboot Britain.

The plan is to make this visa available to skilled international migrants in industries such as science research, tech, finance and cyber. Highly skilled people in these areas will no longer need sponsor backing, making it much easier to obtain a UK visa.

In his “budget speech,” Rishi Sunak provided snippets of information about his intentions for this visa:

“A new unsponsored points-based visa to attract the best and most promising international talent in science, research and tech, new, improved visa processes for scale-ups and entrepreneurs, and radically simplified bureaucracy for high-skilled visa applications.”

This is a promising plan after the country’s economy has suffered at the hands of the pandemic. Similar to other countries around the world, attracting international talent is a way forward.

  • Graduate route

On 1st April 2021, a new Graduate route will be introduced which is essentially a post-study work visa for international students. This will be made available to those students who are in the UK on a student or Tier 4 visa and have completed a UK degree.

  • Shortage occupation list

Further jobs from the health and care sectors have been added to the shortage occupation list.

  • Global Talent route

The Global Talent route will be amended to allow those who have received a prestigious prize such as a Nobel Prize to automatically qualify for the visa.

  • Hong Kong BN(O) visa

This was introduced earlier in the year and allows eligible Hong Kong nationals with British overseas status to apply for a specific visa for the UK. A change has been made whereby those who are at imminent risk of destitution can apply for a change of conditions to allow them to access public funds.

  • Overseas Domestic Worker route

The Overseas Domestic Worker route visa process has been simplified.

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