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Wholehearted cooperation and transparency

August 6, 2012 |

“I am writing this review overjoyed and filled with happiness and gratitude. I take this opportunity to thank you Rahul, for your whole hearted cooperation and transparency kept by you all the time. Frankly speaking, when I approached Rahul on 21-May-2012, I was in a very tough situation. My company had applied for Sponsorship license which was still pending and I was about to finish my PSW visa by June 15th. I was really in a dilemma whether I will get my visa or not, but by God’s grace and by the sincere effort by Rahul in updating all the documents needed we have been finally rewarded.

I really liked your approach all throughout the process and I assure you that I will recommend all my friends and relatives who are looking for immigration help in UK to your firm. My special wishes to all your team for the support.”