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Attention to Detail and Responsiveness

May 6, 2012 |

We have been very pleased with their advice, attention to detail and responsiveness which has sped us through the immigration process in a very short time frame. If you are thinking “why do I need to pay someone else to help me through the process” I can only say that without Rahul’s support and advice throughout, we would have been a lot more stressed and possibly would have fallen at several hurdles along the way. We are both used to dealing with forms and bureaucracy but we found ourselves going round in circles at times trying to work out the UKBA paperwork. Whenever we had a query, Rahul was always able to e-mail us back straight away with the advice we needed. His experience enables him to cut through all the reams of guidance notes, forms and lists of requirements which eases the path considerably. Rahul takes a keen interest in his clients and will always do his best to get a positive and swift outcome. We are really pleased with the service we received and would recommend Hudson McKenzie to anyone looking for Immigration Lawyers.