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Studying becomes easier for migrants

July 11, 2018 | Immigration, Latest Thinking, News

The Immigrations Minister has announced a new Research and Academia scheme which will allow individuals from the EEA to study in the UK on a two-year study and work visa. This will be an addition to the Tier 5 visa route.

This scheme will be monitored and operated by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as well as monitor the organizations acting as sponsors of the prospective individuals intending to study, train, and work in the UK under this visa. Involving this scheme with their immigration laws will help to attract promising talent in the midst of separating from the EU.

The visa will make studying within the UK easier for bright minds and subsequently ensure that the UK remains a world leader of research and development within the scientific community. It shows that in spite of the fact that the UK is leaving the European Union in 2019, they are not opposed to working with their neighboring nations in pursuit of greater knowledge and global development.

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Author: Annaliese Druitt