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Sponsor licence revoked: What should you do?

Recently, staff at a Norfolk care home were demanded to leave the UK after their sponsor licence was revoked, even though the staff had previously been working within UK legally for years.

Therefore, this recent news gives rise to the need for further attention and clarification being required for companies, so as to understand exactly what is needed of organisations when choosing to become a licenced sponsor.

The UK Home Office, in response to the Norfolk care home case, stated that:

 “Businesses that benefit from the immigration systems must ensure that they have robust compliance systems in place”

Thus, if an organisation desires to become a licensed sponsor, so to employ people from outside the UK, what exactly should the company do?

According to the Home Office, so to become a licenced sponsor, a company should meet the following basic requirements:

The company must be:

  • A genuine organisation or Sole Trader
  • operating legally within the UK
  • have evidence that it is not a threat to UK immigration control (for instance by not having previous immigration violations)
  • Nominate at least three staff members to fulfill immigration-related roles within the company
  • Meet the responsibilities required as a sponsor – for instance, by ensuring that the company has an effective Human Resources system.
  • Supply the Home Office with all the requested Documents.

If you would like to read further about what happens when a sponsor licence is revoked, then please click the following link:


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