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South Africa to introduce remote working visa?

South Africa is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and along with most other countries, the tourism sector in South Africa was hit hard by the pandemic. South Africa has been said to be one of the best places for remote working due to the extensive co-working spaces, fast internet and internet cafes. It has been recognised that now more than ever, South Africa should take advantage of this and introduce a remote working visa for those who are travelling and working in the country. This visa would be a good way to boost tourism.

Visa requirements

Whilst this visa has not yet been implemented, there are talks of plans being put in place. Since Dubai, Mauritius and other places have been leading the way when it comes to remote working or digital nomad visas, South Africa would be an ideal candidate to join the bandwagon. 

Requirements for the South Africa remote working visa are likely to include confirmation of employment or work independency, proof of salary and health insurance.

Once Covid levels drop and it is safe to encourage remote workers, it is highly likely this visa will be introduced.

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