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Should you consider Arbitration?

Clients undergoing a dispute may be advised to seek Arbitration as a form of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR) instead of going to court – but is this a good alternative?

Arbitration is a common ADR for most commercial disputes, so as to not waste court time and money. Through Arbitration, the conflicting parties can find a ‘common ground’ as a form of compromise upon the dispute in question, without the need to go through any judicial proceedings. However, what are the pros and cons of using Arbitration?


  • Choice: Parties can choose their own tribunal, but they cannot choose the judge if they go through to judicial proceedings instead.
  • Quicker: Choosing Arbitration is a faster process and alternative that if the dispute was taken to court.
  • Confidential: Arbitral decisions can be kept private, which isn’t necessarily the case if taken to court.


  • Rights: parties may be compromising their rights to have a judge and jury decide the case if their arbitration is mandatory.
  • Limitations: Arbitration is likely to have limited enforcement powers and grounds for appeal.
  • Time consuming: Although thought to be a quicker process than going to the courts, in some cases arbitration can still be a lengthy process.

Therefore parties should decide carefully by weighing out the pros and cons of arbitration first, before deciding whether it is a better alternative than taking the case to the courts.

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