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UKVI Update: ‘RIPA’ Code of practice

The Home Office has recently updated the code of practices for the ‘Investigation of Protected Electronic Information’, following from the recent ‘RIPA’ (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, 2000).

The Code of Conduct is in relation to the disclosure of any protected electronic information, in which such electronic information may be accessed.

The ‘RIPA’ is initially an act of parliament, in-acted in 2000, in which acts as a form of regulation for the powers of the public bodies to be authorised in carrying out surveillance and investigation, including communications. The act follows from the ongoing recent developments in the digital age, specifically surrounding the internet and the understanding of encryption.

Some of the regulations included within the act are:

  • that certain public bodies are able to demand that an ISP wanting to access a customers communication privately.
  • that communications can be surveilled upon a mass scale
  • prevention of the interception warrants from existing, including any data collected.
  • For the public’s internet activities to be monitored by specific public bodies.

Following from the recent implementation of GDPR, the updated code of practices comes at a convenient time to ensure that all electronic data is being upheld in the safest manner.

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