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Reduced quarantine duration upon arrival in the UK

Travellers returning to the UK from the Canary Islands must now self-isolate as of Saturday 12th December because of growing infection rates. This means that many Britons are trying to get a flight home as soon as possible, so they do not have to isolate themselves over Christmas. In addition, it has been recently announced that from 14th December 2020, the quarantine self-isolation period will be reduced from 14 days to 10 days.

Despite the reduced quarantine period, this would still mean that some would have to isolate over Christmas. People are worried and concerned as they have been such short notice, as short as less than a day to return to the UK so they do not have to isolate on Christmas day and not see their loved ones. What is also frustrating is the fact that the Foreign Office have not amended their travel guidance for the islands, meaning they still have not warned against travel to the Canary Islands nor made provisions for holidaymakers to seek refunding or claim off their insurance policies for their trips. The individuals may be subjected to isolation so far as up to 27th December.

In terms of detrimental impacts on the aviation industry, there are many for airlines such as Tui, and EasyJet. Tui is looking to potentially cancel all its flights and holiday packages there over the entirety of the Christmas period; another economic blow to their already incurred losses of £2.74 bn.

The Foreign Office are still yet to comment and announced the amended travel guidelines for the Canary Islands.

A solution?

As of 15th December, UK travellers have the option to reduce their self-isolation period by 50% if they pay to get a COVID-19 test after 5 consecutive days and receive a negative result. Should individuals wish to do this, they can include this on their contact locator form upon arrival at the UK border.

The caveat to this scheme is that this may be costly, especially for families. Obtaining a test from a private firm could cost between £65.00 and £120.00 and the list of approved private firms providing these services are yet to be made public.

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