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Priority sponsor licence service- at what cost?

On 12th November 2020, a priority service version of the Sponsor Licence Scheme was introduced for companies wishing to recruit migrant worker from overseas. Obtaining a sponsor licence from the Home Office is now a mandatory requirement for businesses to hire workers abroad to come and work here in the UK. This revised scheme will provide and faster and more efficient level of service, i.e. faster processing times and decisions on sponsor licence applications.

This new service proffers sponsor licence applicants a decision to join the sponsor register, meaning to become a licenced sponsor, within 10 working days of payment of the required service fee for their application. Undoubtedly, this permits the processing of applications in double quick time in comparison to the standard processing time of 8 weeks to become an approved licenced sponsor. 

So far, this will be restricted to up to 10 applications per day. The number of applications to be assessed per day will be reviewed as the scheme makes head way.

The only caveats are that they must be selected as one of the first 10 applications to be received in a day and then pay an additional £500.00 to benefit from this speedy service. Successful applicants will receive an email confirming their payment details and payment must be completed within 72 hours. Following this, the submission of the required documentation must be submitted within 5 working days from the date that applications were sent off for processing. Should the Home Office require further information, it has advised that they will still process these applications “as quickly as possible”.  Applications that fall out of the 10-application quota per day will be processed at the standard processing time of 8 weeks and they will not be subjected to the additional cost.

Should applicants be refused, this additional cost is not refundable. It is important to note that this faster version of the sponsor licence scheme does not mean more favourable consideration and decisions of applications. All it means is a faster service, processing times and receipts of decisions of applications.

Companies seeking to recruit foreign nationals are advised to apply now for a sponsor licence, ahead of the implementation of the UK’s points-based immigration system from next year. This is to ensure that there will not be any delays nor interruptions in application processing times and to avoid being plunged in a backlog of applications.

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