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Pollutics? How Pollution is becoming Political and Illegal

Is the Mayor of London’s ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ only the beginning to the rapid rise of the importance of environmentalism within the Political arena?

Congestion Charges recently turned ‘green’ with the implementation of a new ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’ (ULEZ) across Central London. Henceforth, all those driving within the designated ULEZ area will be automatically fined £12.50 ’24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year’ without fail.

The latest ‘green’ charge comes as an initiative by the Mayor of London to not only tackle the increasing rise of dangerous emissions that are polluting the lungs of Londoners and visitors daily, but also to increase the status of London on a global scale as the leading Capital to target the battle against Climate Change. Therefore, will UK politics slowly be turning into a forest of environmentally-based policies?

Furthermore, not only will drivers within the City of London be charged for their contribution of harmful emissions towards the environment, which simultaneously impacts thousands of people regularly, but the selling of petrol and diesel cars are set to come to an end, with Hybrid cars eventually taking over in the foreseeable future. Thus, it is also evident that the UK government does not only have an interest in the dangerous impacts of the UK’s Pollution contribution, but also how far this new ‘green’ wave conscious that is sweeping across the Political scene will also impact UK trade as well, especially post-Brexit.

From a legal perspective…

By introducing the latest ULEZ, it is empirical that the UK Government feels a Duty of Care towards its citizen’s and visitor’s by taking protective measures to reduce the amount of Air Pollution that increasingly puts people at severe health risks daily. For instance, as reported by Transport for London; ‘Road transport is the biggest source of the emissions that are damaging health in London’.

This sense of a Duty of Care may also derive from a recent case against the UK Government in relation to the illegal and harmful levels of Air Pollution within the country, bringing the importance of environmentalism within UK politics to the limelight further. Therefore, if Government’s are continued to be taken to court by leading law-firms, then the dangerous impacts of Climate Change and Air Pollution shall no longer just be a fact provided by scientists but also a legal requirement of all Government’s worldwide to protect their own citizen’s against, not only as a Duty of Care but for the protection of Human Rights generally. Thus, given the latest news surrounding the targeting of emissions, the merging of Politics with Pollution may only be a matter of time…

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Author: Portia Vincent-Kirby